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Simple way to download YouTube videos and save them on your phone's gallery


YouTube is an online platform owned by google where you can watch various types of uploaded video contents provided that your smartphone is connected to an active internet connection. such video contents include movie trailers, tutorials, songs, funny clips, sports highlights and many more. 

YouTube also gives you an advantage of creating your own video content then upload for other people to watch.

Downloading YouTube videos and watching them offline on YouTube is what most people have been doing not knowing that they can save the downloaded videos on their phone gallery.

The following steps will help you to download YouTube videos into your phone gallery:

1. On your smartphone, find YouTube application, use the search tool to find the video you want to download and then click on it.

2. After clicking on the video, it will start playing. As the video plays, click on the share button.

3. A share menu will pop and then find 'YouTube down loader'. If you want to download a video, choose MP4 format and if you want to download an audio file, choose MP3.

4. Tap download and wait for the process to finish and you will be good to go.

If you have not tried do not hesitate to try it and download your favourite videos.

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