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2 reasons why your tooth decay though you brush your teeth everyday.

Tooth decay has become a common problem with many people asking themselves why it is happening yet they brush their teeth daily.

There are many factors that can lead to such a situation that many individuals don't know about.

1. Choice Of Toothpaste.

A lot of times one buys a paste over the counter or at the supermarket without caring to check the contents and percentage of ingredients in it. For example, one can be high in sugar And glycerine which is normally a big cause of rot.

2. Use Of Cold Water When Brushing. 

Many of the foods that we consume are high in fat levels so when you brush your teeth with cold water, melting of fats may not occur leading to clogging in between the teeth which builds up bacteria that leads to decay. Also these same fat s remain on the tongue which later transfers. Warm water helps out in the melting of this fats.

Whenever you notice any changes visit your doctor for medical advice.